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 Max. AC Output - 3000 watts

  • Rated AC Output - 2450 watts

  • Displacement/Engine - 163cc Honda OHV

  • Frequency/Voltage - 60Hz/120VMax.

  • Amps - (120V) 25.0

  • Cont. Amps - (120V)20.4

  • Receptacles - 120V, 20A GFCI duplex

  • Main Circuit Breaker - 20A push-button

  • Rated Speed - 3600 RPM

  • Decibel Rating - 74.8

  • Fuel Capacity - 2.6 gallon

  • Run Time (at full load) - 7.4 hours

Choose the right size
We recommend using a minimum of 2000 watts per an average sized blower. If you need to connect more than one unit, then you will find it useful to use this formula to calculate running watts from the labeled amps on the blowers:
For Example: The average small blower uses 7.0 running amps.
Therefore 7.0 (amps) x 115V (volts) = 805 watts to run continuously with back pressure (this is achieved when the inflatable is completely full of air (blown up)  and the blower is just maintaining the pressure or air lost from the seams.)
However on start-up, it will use up to 17 amps (17 x 115V = 1955 watts) , which is just under a 2000 watts generator.
Note: The start up is high because it needs back pressure from the inflatable to insure continuous low amp draw; otherwise the amps stay high at 17 on free flow.